Leslie Hoop, Store Manager
Make your car smell nice! Sachet envelopes are great to keep in your car. As the weather heats up the fragrant oils are released even more.

Buy several of our greeting cards and put them in a nice homemade decorated folder or a store bought one. Then give them as a gift. If it’s a young family member, give the cards in the folder along with an address list of the relatives to get them started on their own card giving.

Need some decorating ideas? Pick up a Romantic Homes magazine that is filled with wonderful home decorating tips.

Display tip from Michelle VanLerberghe, Display Director
If you have a glass vessel that you would like to display add some interest by putting sand and shells in it for a beach theme. You can also add small pebbles for a more earthy look. Other items you can add are marbles, colored sand, salt, birdseed or dried beans. You can also add a candle to complete any of these looks. The best part is this is a very inexpensive way to add a great center piece to a table or a mantel. Have fun and be creative.